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With more than 27 years of experience, Oel Wingo has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of management consulting. Her experience covers both the public and private sectors, and it includes significant accomplishments in the areas of management, writing, speaking, and training. Now Oel Wingo is bringing her expert knowledge and skills to the table as she launches her new business, Oel Wingo Management Consulting Services.

Oel Wingo Management Consulting Services is a company that provides a wide array of high-quality yet cost-effective management consulting services, focusing on services for the following groups: * public sector groups, particularly those at the city and county level * not-for-profit groups * private sector groups, particularly those who provide services to local level government groups

Oel Wingo Management Consulting Services' Core Service Areas Oel Wingo Management Consulting Services centers its focus on the following core services: * organizational improvement and development - efficiency analysis, organizational operation effectiveness analysis * human resource management and training - policy and process development, management plans that focus on employment legislation * program/project management - focus on program/project efficiency and effectiveness * intergovernmental coordination/collaboration/shared services - focus on efficiency and effectiveness of government services

Oel Wingo Management Consulting Services - A Step Above the Rest Oel Wingo Management Consulting Services provides a comprehensive selection of individualized services, and those services are provided with an exceptional focus on quality and at an affordable price. The experience and expertise that Oel Wingo is able to deliver with her new company make it a top contender for all of your management consulting needs.

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