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 ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND IMPROVEMENT Policies, Plans and/or Programs that increase organization efficiency, strengthen employee knowledge and abilities, and improve leadership to include

  1. Development of Strategic Plans.
  2. Development of Performance Measures and Evaluation instruments.
  3. Diagnosis/analysis of business management, operations and strategies to identify areas needing improvement.
  4. Development of strategies, policies, procedures, guidelines, timelines and required resources to implement suggested improvement.
  5. Creation of training programs to meet organizational needs, goals and/or implementation of organization improvements. 
  6. Change management with a focus on helping personnel adjust to new procedures and changes in the organization. 

STRATEGIC ANALYSIS AND PLANNING Training and workshops to guide the development of an organization wide strategic plan, including development of performance measures and performance evaluations to assess organization, unit and employee/individual achievement of strategic goals and objectives.

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AND TRAINING Dr. Wingo provides HRM services to ensure that the essential policies, practices and procedures are in place to maximize the organization’s ability to attract, motivate, and retain the most qualified employees:

  1. Develop and/or revise essential Policy and Procedures documents to include the most current legal and regulatory requirements.
  2. Create, procure and/or conduct training and development programs to maximize employee productivity including:
    1. Supervisor and Leadership Training,
    2. Legally required training,
    3. Safety training,
    4. Customer Service Training,
    5. Employee Training and
    6. Skills Training i.e. computers, software, project management skills.
  3. Labor negotiations and mediation.
  4. Assessment of benefits and recommendations for best practices to reduce costs.
  5. Job analysis and recommendations including market comparison studies, development of job descriptions, position classifications and pay-plans.

FINANCE AND BUDGET MANAGEMENT Application of specific diagnostic tools to assess the strength of the organization’s long term fiscal sustainability.

  1. Reviewing organizational factors including maximizing organization structure through organizational development and improvement and assessing the impact of internal and external variables on revenues.
  2. Development of solid procurement policies, procedures and guidelines to maximize utilization of funds.
  3. Development of sound capital planning processes to ensure long-term sustainability and maintenance of infrastructure.

PROGRAM AND/OR PROJECT MANAGEMENT Dr. Wingo has extensive experience managing diverse major multimillion dollar projects ranging from roadway construction to the EPA supersite redevelopment.  Dr. Wingo will oversee all elements of a project; providing the leadership, motivation and coordination for the work team to ensure the project comes in on-time and under budget with an eye to balancing the timeline, budget and scope of the project including regular reports to management regarding any unexpected setbacks or changing circumstances.  Services include:

  1. Scheduling the project and budgeting time required to meet established deadlines.
  2. Coordinating regular scheduled meetings with management, project work team including vendors to discuss and resolve issues related to work procedures, complaints and construction or other problems.
  3. Procuring and negotiating contracts and revisions including any changes and additions with project vendors.
  4. Preparing, coordinating and submitting budget estimates and regular progress reports.
  5. Interpreting and explaining plans and contract terms to both staff and vendors.

INTERGOVERNMENTAL COORDINATION AND COLLABORATION With more than 15 years’ experience as a lobbyist, Dr. Wingo provides consulting services to maximize relationships between public agencies, with national, state, regional and local legislative bodies including

  1. Creation of an ongoing plan to maximize intergovernmental communication.
  2. Mediation of specific issues.
  3. Legislative liaison.
  4. Analysis and recommendations for of Alternative Service Delivery Solutions including consolidation, mergers, shared management privatization, not for profit management.