Oel Wingo Management Consulting Services
Doing More, Doing It Better, Doing It For Less

Services Offered

Dr. Oel Wingo ( click here for BIO) provides the following services to public, not for profit and private entities to help you Do More, Do It Better and Do It for Less! 

ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND IMPROVEMENT  - Helping you develop policies, procedures, plans and/or programs that increase organization efficiency, strengthen employee knowledge and abilities, and improve leadership to include

STRATEGIC ANALYSIS AND PLANNING  services which include training and workshops to guide the development and implementation of an organization wide strategic plan and development of performance measures and performance evaluations to assess organization, unit and employee/individual achievement of strategic goals and objectives.

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AND TRAINING focused on ensuring essential policies, practices and procedures are in place to maximize the organization’s ability to attract, motivate, and retain the most qualified employees and develop those employees through focused training programs. 

FINANCE AND BUDGET MANAGEMENT  services applying specific diagnostic tools to assess the strength of the organization’s long term fiscal sustainability and development of appropriate procedures.

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